dinsdag 31 mei 2011


Hi everybody,

New site!
Follow me please (:


maandag 30 mei 2011

New blog

Hi everybody!

I'm going to make a new blog.
Why? Because it's time for a new start.
And I'm going to start a webshop!
But, have somebody an idea for a name for my new blog (or/and my webshop?)


PS. Still bad in Englishhhhh!

vrijdag 21 januari 2011

Nina, who did your hair?

Oke, I'm a big fan of Nina. And I love her hair, but what happened to her hair on this picture? Does she have here hair brushed? Of did she forget when she woke up?

Nina pleas, you're a good actress and a beautiful woman. So pleas, next time better?

zondag 12 december 2010


So, I was in France.
I was working by people. We came back from shopping and my lovely photo camera lay in pieces on the floor.

Snik, snik, snik... STUPID DOG!

I want to do a fundraiser, 'Give Lindsey a new photo camera'

vrijdag 26 november 2010

Long time no see.

HMMM I'm angry, I was typing a long text when the Internet went out. So now I typ a shorter text.

Tuesday there was an information evening at my school. I was interested in the photo academy, but that school costs 12000 euros for ONE year ( and it takes four years! ) So if I win the jackpot..

But there was another school ( actually an organization ) that caught my attention. !!!
The organise many things! Like High school in the USA or Australia! But you can also go to England to be an Au pair!